• Power is shifting as people are claiming back influence and real participation in leadership. Businesses, media and policy-makers become more responsive to society’s expressed and latent needs. Our role is to inter-connect the agendas of businesses, policy-makers, media, and society for a common interest: to benefit each group and society at large.

    Vision: to create Profit for Society through our responsibly-driven Public Affairs practice.

  • Integrity: We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, keeping doors open and hearts true. We believe that transparency and good faith are at the foundation of the constructive dialogue we initiate for our clients, aimed at achieving sustainable results.

  • Knowledge: With our 25 years of first line political and Public Affairs experience in Romania, we are best positioned to counsel the most complex and demanding clients. Our strategic expertise in Corporate and Public Affairs, Stakeholder Engagement, Political Communication, Message-box Consultancy, and PR is doubled by a wide network, persuasive counsellors and effective campaigns’ track record.

  • Creativity: We understand the times we’re living in. Power is shifting, people demand more feedback, and technology changes the rules of the game. We frame the public agenda through intelligent use of insights, data, technology and messages that move people and energy towards results accepted by all stakeholders.

Andreea Pleșa, Managing Partner, andreea.plesa@goodaffairs.eu
11 Grigore Mora, 1 Bucharest, 011885, Romania, +40 21 231 23 00
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